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How to Reapply Sunscreen?

August 03, 2023
Author: Eve

Reading time: 8 minutes

The environment can significantly damage skin cells and cause multiple problems. The sun, free radicals, and other non-visible elements can harm the skin. Everybody knows that it is essential to apply sunscreen to protect the skin from radiation and the negative impact of the sun.

Sunscreen is a specialized skincare product designed to create a reliable shield that protects cells from free radicals, all sorts of radiation, and other external aggressors. These products have specific compositions that reflect radiation and do not let negative aggravators harm cells. Thus, below, we're going to find out how to reapply sunscreen and clarify all the related issues.

Levels of SPF Protection

Sunscreen differs in the level of protection. SPF levels can range from 15 to 50 (the maximum indicator). The higher it is, the better protection will be. In hot seasons with aggressive sun, it is reasonable to use SPF 50+, while for winter and cloudy seasons, SPF 15-30 is enough.

Note that sunscreen application is needed not only on sunny days but every day since free radicals fly in the air all the time.

How Often is it Necessary to Reapply Sunscreen?

The first thing you should know about sunscreen is that it degrades during the day. It means that if you apply it in the morning, its period of action is not enough to protect your face through the day till the evening. It is necessary to reapply it over a certain period of time. So, the first question to answer is: “How often should you reapply sunscreen?”

Note that the maximum protection of sunscreen lasts for 2–3 hours. If you apply it just once a day, you won't be fully protected. Thus, it needs to be reapplied every two or three hours. If you apply mist or spray, such products require reapplying every hour.

Speaking about how often to reapply sunscreen indoors, note next information.

Sunscreen for your skin in summer

Cases to Reapply it Immediately

Different activities can either prolong or reduce the action period. If you get sweaty or hot, active substances are absorbed quicker or destroyed, meaning that the level of protection decreases. The following activities can significantly reduce the time of sunscreen protection:

  • Long-term exposure to the Sun. If you spend too much time under direct sunlight, you get hot and sweaty. In such cases, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours (not more).
  • Physical training. Even if you spend time indoors (for example, going to a gym), your sunscreen stops its action immediately since you sweat, and sweat is the main enemy of sunscreen components. In this case, reapply sunscreen immediately after visiting the gym or doing sports.
  • Contact with water. Although many sunscreens are resistant to moisture, still, the protective film thinners after swimming, showering, etc. Thus, if you take a bath or swim after applying sunscreen, reapply it once your skin gets dry. Moreover, make sure to rub it thoroughly to create a thick protective film. A spray is not enough, it can serve as an additional tool.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide pallet of products for skin protection from the sun and radiance. Some products are promised to be less resistant to water and sweat. Still, although their formulas are enhanced, they cannot stay active during the day.

How to Reapply Sunscreen over Makeup?

Sunscreen is applied to bare clean skin, but if you wear makeup, reapplying it turns out to be a real problem. It is rather inconvenient to change makeup every 2 hours. Thus, the following strategy is offered to reapply sunscreen over makeup.

Use physical sunblocks. These are powders, sprays, and creams that create physical protection (not chemical, like most sunscreens), which allows deflecting radiation. These products come into contact with makeup or settle on top of it to create a physical film and withstand sunlight and other aggressors.

Note that if you wear makeup, you need to reapply sunscreen over makeup more frequently. Use sunscreen blocks every hour to renew the layer.

Make up and sunscreen

TOP Sunscreen Product for Reliably and Durable Protection

Now, you know when to reapply sunscreen. The next important thing is to pick the best products to ensure high-quality protection from external impacts. The listed products are certified and guaranteed to protect the skin reliably:

  • Heliocare 360 Fluid Cream SPF 50+ is a high-effective product that protects cells from all sorts of radiation, free radicals, and sunlight. The blend of vitamins C and E, Caffeine and Ferulic acids, and Fernblock FC creates reliable protection. It is an ultra-smooth product with a gel consistency, which is perfectly absorbed without forming a film on the face surface. It is perfect for under-makeup treatment.
  • PCA Skin Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 is an innovative, powerful treatment that guarantees high-quality durable protection from the sun and other environmental aggressors. The product is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. The blend comprises Bisabolol, Caffeine, and Zinc Oxide, causing a broad-spectrum action. Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and deflect radiation successfully.
  • Heliocare 360° Invisible Spray SPF 50+ is a powerful high-resistant product that keeps your skin protected from all sorts of environmental aggressors. Its formula includes antioxidant complex, Fernblock, and UV filters, which allows for creating a reliable protective layer that won't let free radicals and radiation penetrate cells. It is a water-resistant product that quickly dries on the skin without creating a sensitive film.
  • Osmosis Protect SPF 30 copes with all sorts of UV rays. It is a mineral-based product that not only protects the skin but also combats the signs of sun damage. Its formula is rich in Zinc Oxide, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Phytic acid, which makes the treatment suitable for all skin types. It is invisible on the skin surface. Natural antioxidants improve the skin ability to withstand the negative impact of external aggravators.
  • Heliocare 360 Water Gel SPF50 is a broad-spectrum treatment for your skin. The product not only creates a protective barrier from radiation and free radicals but also hydrates and repairs damaged cells. Green Tea Extract, vitamins C and E, and Fernblock prevent free radicals and other harmful elements from penetrating cells. Besides, the product features healing and moisturizing properties.


Modern manufacturers offer a wide diversity of products. Selecting appropriate products, consider your skin type, SPF level, and composition. Remember the common rules of sunscreen application to guarantee effective protection from sunlight and other harmful environmental elements.

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