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8 Best Cleansing Oils for All Skin Types 2023

April 04, 2023
Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 6 minutes

Skin care procedures are a multi-stage process that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and nutrition. Natural cosmetic oils are an excellent and affordable solution suitable for all types of skin. Oil-based products are traditionally used to moisturize the face skin. Below, we`re going to make a list of the best facial oils, answer the most popular questions, and highlight the peculiarities of using these substances.

Facial products fall into aromatic vegetable, unscented vegetable, and synthetic oils (such as mineral oil). Oils are recommended for usage by people whose skin needs nutrition, especially during the season when cold or dry air dehydrates the skin.

Facial oil benefits

Facial oils benefits include moisturizing and softening the skin. They penetrate much deeper into cells in comparison with a regular cream, make the skin smoother, and improve the effectiveness of a moisturizer you apply before or after the oil. What`s more, they are a rich source of nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants that protect skin cells. Facial oil benefits for skin also include skin smoothing and helping fight wrinkles. They are good for restoring and protecting the face surface. If a serum and moisturizer do not work for you, oil may help you improve your skin.

How to use facial oil?

Products are economical and easy to use. No more than five drops are needed for the entire face and neck area. Warm it a bit before application by holding the bottle in warm water. Apply the substance with light, massage movements. Remove oil excess with a dry clean cloth.

There is no single correct answer on how to use facial oil. Women can combine it with any skincare product, except a moisturizer with SPF (oil will decrease the level of SPF protection), instead or after serum. Oils can also be used as a base for a moisturizer or as an individual product.

Women with dry and dehydrated skin can apply it at night or in the morning as a base for makeup. For women with oily skin, a few drops of oil will help balance the oiliness of the face (a small amount of oil actually counteracts sebum production). It is advisable to apply facial oil before or after a moisturizer.

Best Facial Cleansing Oil

How we tested the best facial oil

Our team consists of experienced experts in the sphere of immunology and pharmaceuticals. They check ingredients, study combinations of components, and make clinical tests to guarantee safety for human health. Many years of experience in the industry help produce the best facial oil for UK women.

Do cleansing oils clog pores?

There is a comedogenicity scale for oils, based on which one can conclude whether there is a risk of clogged pores and whether the selected oil is suitable for your skin type. However, most modern products contain mixtures of oils, so it`s easier to rely on the manufacturer`s recommendation. In any case, regular exfoliation of the epidermis is important when using the oil.

Can we apply oil on face for acne-prone skin?

The use of base oils for acne has been controversial. On one hand, they contain many components that are beneficial for acne-prone skin, such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing ingredients. On the other hand, clogged pores due to the comedogenicity of some oils stand as one of the answers to the question of why acne appears on the face.

Remember that despite the great number of useful elements in the composition of oils, they are not a remedy. Thus, consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist before using them.

Do dermatologists recommend cleansing oils?

According to cosmetologists, the best facial cleansing oil itself does not contribute to hydration; it is responsible for ensuring that the skin does not lose moisture. Clinical studies show that when oil textures come into contact with the epidermis, skin cells perceive them as "homologous", due to which recovery processes are launched in them. However, for dry skin, it is better to apply a moisturizer before using the oil.

Best facial oil for dry skin

Best facial oil for dry skin

Facial oils are indispensable for dry skin. By creating a protective barrier on the face surface, they retain moisture inside. Products are also suitable for the treatment of dermatological diseases that provoke dryness and tightness. For example, rosehip seed oil is effective for eczema, dermatitis, and cheilitis (inflammation of the lips), while almond oil relieves itching.

  • Osmosis nourish avocado facial oil is the best facial oil for dry skin. In addition to avocado, the mixture comprises 9 other oils to achieve a long-lasting effect and penetrate deeper into cells.
  • Codex labs Bia facial oil is a highly-effective care product for face surface nourishing and hydration. Essential fatty acids and vitamins boost skin suppleness. Vitamin A minimizes wrinkle appearance.
  • Osmosis immerse restorative facial oil is an excellent facial oil for dry skin. Combinations of oils and vitamins possess anti-inflammatory properties and give a healing effect to cells.

Best facial oil for mature skin

Oils with a balance of linoleic and oleic acid and other nutrients are suitable for mature skin. Facial oils for mature skin make the face complexion even, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and protect the skin from premature aging. For example, daily application of argan oil has been shown to improve skin elasticity, promote collagen production, and promote hydration by restoring barrier function.

  • Oskia London Restoration Oil is the best facial oil for mature skin. The mixture of natural extracts, nutrients, and oils restores the skin surface to make it young looking. It is a non-comedogenic product without mineral oil.
  • Oskia super R retinoid sleep serum capsules - level 2 are characterized by a high concentration of cellular nutrients and botanic anti-oxidants, which reliably protect the face surface from wrinkling and maintain a fresh look.
  • Oskia Super C smart nutrient beauty capsules are the best facial oil for aging skin for UK women. Capsules are a super effective blend of actives and nutrients, which nourish and hydrate cells and add radiance to the face.

Facial oil for oily acne prone skin

Facial oil for oily skin should have a high content of linoleic acid, which is also a great option for sensitive or irritated skin. Such oils not only moisturize and nourish without excessive oiliness or clogging of pores but also have an antibacterial effect.

  • Indeed labs clearify oil is a good facial oil for acne prone skin. An innovative formula and natural components create a highly effective blend that unclogs pores and provides sufficient nourishment to cells.
  • Indeed labs squalane facial oil is a grease-free face oil for acne skin. It balances the moisture level and stimulates sebum production, preventing wrinkling.

Bio oil for facial scars

Expert skin care is designed to reduce the visibility of scars, stretches, and uneven skin tone. The following products are the top ones for these purposes.

  • Codex Labs bia facial oil is a bio oil for facial scars. Make the face completion radiant, even, and smooth and reduce scar visibility. An innovative blend with a high content of vitamins and essential acids helps cope with this problem.
  • Oskia Super C smart nutrient beauty capsules are the best solution for skin with scars. Based on the Super C smart formula, the product also contains vitamin E, tomato - squalane lycopene to cause a deep and soft effect on cells.
  • Oskia super R retinoid sleep serum capsules - level 2 are the bio oil facial scars. The content contains advanced Super-nutrient retinoid complex. The product preserves the Super C serum oil for face skin treatment and nourishing.
TOP-3 Facial Oils

TOP-3 Facial Oils

According to the versatility of content and the popularity on the market, the next facial oils are the most demanded:

Argan facial oil

The Moroccan extract is 80% fatty acids, in particular, it contains a large amount of Omega-6, linoleic and oligo-linoleic acid. Such a high percentage determines the moisturizing properties of the product. Argan facial oil is not recommended for women with oily skin and is favorable when face dryness and tightness are observed. Benefits:

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • regular use helps to lighten age spots;
  • intensively moisturizes and softens the skin;
  • acts as an excellent antioxidant that prevents the rapid fading of cells;
  • nourishes and restores weakened tissues, improves the regenerative function of epidermal cells;
  • excellent protection against the harmful effects of solar ultraviolet radiation.

Almond facial oil

Almond oil has a low comedogenicity and is suitable for both oily and dry skin. Almond facial oil is beneficial due to the next features:

  • it contains oleic and linolenic acids: the first one provides deep skin hydration and penetration of other active components into its cells, and the second one restores lipid balance and reduces moisture loss;
  • it regulates the water-lipid balance of the epidermis, accelerates the regeneration process, and has a tonic effect on the skin;
  • it helps reduce the intensity of sunburn and improve skin condition after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Collagen facial oil

Collagen facial oil has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Products with collagen are widely used to prevent face wrinkling caused by dehydration. The main benefits of collagen for the skin include:

  • skin elasticity and firmness preservation;
  • anti-aging effect;
  • maintaining the optimal level of water necessary for skin hydration;
  • face complexion looks radiant, rested, and healthy;
  • the acceleration of the skin regeneration process and skin healing in case of injuries.

The modern market offers a wide range of products for daily face skin care. Each woman can select appropriate products for her skin type. Yet, remember that face care should be your daily routine to achieve a visible effect and prolong youthfulness.

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