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Benefits of Amino Acids for Skin, How to Use & Side Effects

June 01, 2023
Author: Eve

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A fresh and healthy complexion, youthfulness and firmness of the skin without wrinkles - is a daily work. Cells need daily care, nutrition, and hydration. Maintaining the optimal balance of micro and macro elements helps prolong the youthfulness of the skin and maintain elasticity.

Amino acids are one of the most important and valuable organic compounds for skin cells. So, below, we`re going to find out what amino acids do for the skin and consider other relevant issues.

What do Amino Acids do for the Skin?

Nothing on Earth can exist without protein, which, in its turn, consists of amino acids. Thus, these substances are the basis of life. Amino acids are essential organic compounds for the body. Proteins are built from amino acids. To create proteins, our body needs 20 amino acids with different properties. They line up in chains and more complex structures, thereby, solving many problems related to life, health, and beauty. For example, amino acids for hair and skin include protein compounds such as elastin, collagen, and keratin. They are responsible for the condition of the skin. The first two components create the frame of the skin and its internal "filling". Keratin forms the stratum corneum of the skin.

With age, protein synthesis slows down; quantitative and qualitative changes in protein structures occur in the body. The loss of skin elasticity, thinning, and the appearance of wrinkles come as visual signs of such changes. Thus, amino acid complexes are used in anti-aging cosmetics and beauty treatments to stimulate protein synthesis in the skin.

Are Amino Acids Good for the Skin?

One of the advantages of amino acids over other active cosmetic ingredients is their small molecular size, which allows them to penetrate deeply into cells and participate in renewal processes. Thus, the effectiveness and benefit of amino acids for skin health are obvious.

Peptides VS Amino Acids for the Skin

A protein molecule consists of amino acids arranged in a chain in a certain combination. Various combinations of amino acids form the whole variety of proteins that exist in nature. Peptides are combinations of amino acids arranged in chains, but these chains are shorter than proteins. For example, a peptide may consist of only five amino acids.

Being shorter amino acid chains than proteins, peptides have a smaller size and weight than protein molecules so they are more easily absorbed by cells. Peptides act on the body`s receptors as conductors that encourage the body to work in a certain way, for example, activating an amino acid for skin whitening.

Penetrating the skin, peptides act directly on fibroblasts, giving them a signal. For example, Matrixyl gives a signal to synthesize more of its own collagen and elastin, resulting in increased skin elasticity. Other peptides can give other signals, for example, reduce inflammation, activate exfoliation, whiten age spots, reduce capillary permeability, etc. In fact, the skin heals itself, and the peptides "hint" it.

amino acids benefits for skin

Amino Acids Benefits for the Skin

In cosmetology, amino acids for the skin solve several fundamental problems:

  • They are responsible for moisturizing, as they are part of the natural moisturizing factor.
  • They increase the barrier and protective functions of the skin and reinforce its ability to endure the impact of negative environmental factors.
  • They provide faster and better tissue healing. For this reason, amino acids are often used as active ingredients in creams that are prescribed after burns, various injuries, and skin damage.
  • They remove peeling, cracks, and other problems of dry skin (due to their comprehensive recovery).
  • They guarantee effective antioxidant protection.
  • They slow down the natural aging process, rejuvenating the skin and making it more elastic, supple, and fresh.

Side Effects of Amino Acids

There is no proven data about the side effects of taking amino acids supplements for the skin. They are safe for most humans. Yet, if you`re in a risk group, remember to consult your doctor before taking them. The following categories of people should be cautious:

  • pregnant and breast-feeding;
  • people who are preparing for surgeries;
  • suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

If the dosage is appointed correctly, supplements cannot harm the human body.

How We Tested Products

When compiling lists of the best amino acid supplements for the skin, we conduct multiple tests, study contents, contact manufacturers, and do other measures to identify product weaknesses.

Our team comprises doctors, dermatologists, chemists, and cosmetologists. They have wide experience in clinical tests, chemical compositions, and skincare problems. As a result, we have a powerful team of multi-vector specialists. By uniting our knowledge together, we get an ultra-brain that is able to point out the best products on the modern cosmetic market.

Best Amino Acid Supplements for the Skin

  • Skinade Collagen Drink is the product with a blend of the best amino acids for the skin. It is powered with 5 effective nutrients that nourish cells and stimulate intracellular processes. The product repairs, protects, and reverses skin damage from the inside.
  • Skinade Collagen Drink sachets are a high-effective treatment for your skin. The content is powered with peptides and nutrients that penetrate deep into cells and boost skin regeneration. The pack has 30 sachets for daily use. 1 sachet has the required daily dosage of the product.
  • Zenii Pro Collagen Powder is a super-charged supplement with amino acids for skin elasticity. It contains 10,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen. Regular use of the product leads to the skin surface getting firmer and more elastic. Skin aging signs and wrinkles eliminate.
  • Female Refill Pouches are a powerful refill product charged with nourishing elements, extracts, and amino acids + b5 for skin. Two packs for morning and night application contain 168 capsules; the course is designed for 1-month use, after which your cells will get nourishment. The product boosts inner processes.

Best Amino Acids for Hair

  • Thickening Shampoo is the best product for the daily care of your hair. The shampoo boosts hair growth, increases hair thickness, and gains scalp health. The content includes biotin, urea, and natural extracts that nourish hair restoring its structure.
  • Female Refill Pouches are perfect for revitalizing weakened hair. The product is a powerful source of the best amino acids for skin and hair. It is a complex of capsules in 2 packs that are taken two times per day. A rich content boosts hair growth and restores its glow and healthy appearance.

Best Amino Acids for the Skin

  • Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum is a powerful treatment for weakened skin. A high-concentrated blend of acids and natural extracts boosts inner processes and stimulates rejuvenation. The product is targeted at quick and effective restoration of damaged cells.
  • Endocare C Ferulic Edafence Serum contains many antioxidants that act favorably and improve the skin barrier properties. Edafence, Ferulic acid, and Vitamin C are powerful components that improve skin firmness and complexion, reducing aging signs.
  • Endocare Tensage Concentrate Serum is a set of 10 capsules with amino acids for skin repair. Its content is powered with Albatin, Alistin, and other extracts that cope with aging successfully. SCA Biorepair Technology is proven to strengthen the extracellular matrix by stimulating natural collagen and elastin production in cells.
amino acids for skin health

6 Amino Acids Good for Skin Care

Although there are 20 amino acids, some of them target their action on skin cells. Thus, below, let`s list the best amino acids for skin health.

  • Lysine is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the body and can only be obtained from food and supplements. Lysine has a wide range of biological effects and, above all, lysine is vital as a component of body proteins.
  • Proline is essential for cartilage and skin. This substance improves the structure of the skin, promotes collagen production (which is its main component), and also prevents rapid aging.
  • Threonine is one of those amino acids that causes a natural moisturizing factor that protects cells from dehydration. Many cosmetics for mature, tired, or dry skin use this ingredient because the restoration of optimal hydration gives a smoothing effect.
  • Arginine stimulates collagen production, which is very beneficial for facial skin due to its ability to rejuvenate the skin and smooth wrinkles. However, it not only resists aging but also improves the structure of hair, hair follicles, and scalp skin. So, this is one of the amino acids for skin and hair.
  • Methionine is an essential amino acid (it is not synthesized in the body and must be obtained from dietary sources). It is widely used in cosmetics to moisturize the skin. Methionine has excellent antioxidant properties, maintains healthy hair, skin, and nails, promotes the breakdown of fats, and plays an important role in the body's natural detoxification processes.
  • Cysteine is essential for the production of collagen and biotin, and Vitamin B, which helps regulate fat and protein metabolism. It also protects the body from the effects of free radicals and prevents the occurrence of oxidative stress, one of the factors of early aging. Cysteine is needed to maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin.


Do I need to take amino acid supplements?

The thing is that some amino acids are synthesized in our body, while others can be obtained from food only. That is, depending on the type of amino acid, there is a need to use supplements.

How to use amino acid supplements?

Unlike regular food or protein mixtures, amino acids begin to be absorbed immediately after ingestion. Amino acid complexes bypass the digestion phase and are absorbed almost instantly.

Do I need to apply skincare products if I consume supplements?

The benefit of the amino acid for skin care is visible anyway, regardless of the way of body nourishment. Yet, when it affects cells from both outside and inside, the effect is visible sooner. Moreover, most cosmetic products are charged with such ingredients to improve effectiveness.


When answering the question of whether amino acids are good for the skin, definitely they are. Amino acids come as one of the most valuable and nourishing components for cell structure. They participate in the production of vital elements for the skin, including collagen, elastin, etc. Thus, the majority of skincare products contain amino acids in their contents. A great variety of amino acid skin care products are available on the modern market. Thus, every consumer will be able to pick suitable treatment for his skin type and purpose of use.

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