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14 Best Facial Cleansers for all skin types 2023

March 03, 2023
Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

The health of our skin starts with thorough treatment. Properly selected care products are an indispensable step of this procedure. People have different types of skin (sensitive, oily, combination, and dry). Proper care requires specific sets of products that are chosen, taking into account skin type.

Below, we are going to list the best facial cleansers in the UK and point out their strengths so that customers do not spend money on poor-quality skin care products.

best facial cleansers

Different Types of Cleansers

To begin with, let`s list the main kinds of skin cleansers. The modern market offers a wide range of products to meet consumer demands.

  • Micellar water – is an excellent face wash for sensitive skin. Its composition includes small drops of cleansing oil combined with water, which easily removes makeup and skin pollutants. However, this product does not provide a full-on deep cleanse. Thus, users must complement a skin care procedure with other products.
  • Oil cleansers – are another well-working substance for makeup removal. Even waterproof mascara removes well due to its oily composition. Such products nourish skin well but are not recommended for the oily skin type.
  • Wash foams come as the first step of a multi-level care procedure. They are used primarily to remove pollutants from skin. However, they dry skin, which is why they are used in combination with creams.
  • Gel products – are the best facial cleanser for all skin types. They nourish skin perfectly due to ingredients (Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, etc.) but do not dry skin as foams do. They act as a good compromise to other care products, providing a deep clean.
  • Milk and cream washes and balms are ideal for dry and dehydrated skin since they nourish skin deeply and provide a protective barrier.

Proper care products are selected, based on your skin type. Thus, let`s list the best face washes for everyday care for each kind of skin.

Best Facial Cleansers for Combination Skin

Best Facial Cleansers for Combination Skin

Combination skin is a mixed type that combines oily skin in the T-zone and dry or normal skin in the cheek area. It has an uneven structure since it is prone to peeling in dry areas, and enlarged pores, comedones, inflammation, and acne in oily areas.

  • Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser is a good facial cleanser with fruit enzymes. The product does not irritate skin and provides daily exfoliation.
  • PCA Skin Facial Wash contains botanical extracts and a potent blend of mild AHA. The substance does not disrupt the skin barrier.
  • Evenswiss Edelweiss Cleanser is an anti-age jelly product for the daily care of face and eyes. It removes waterproof makeup well and nourishes skin.
Best Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin

Best Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin

Dry skin is characterized by the imbalance of water and lipid metabolism, the dysfunction of sweat and sebaceous glands, and a slightly acidic pH reaction. It features the feeling of tightness, peeling, finely porous structure, dull shade, and easily occurring irritation.

  • Osmosis Lift Away Cleanser Balm is the best facial cleanser for dry skin. Its composition comprises avocado oil, elderberry juice, and mangosteen, due to which a highly nourishing and hydrated effect is achieved.
  • PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser is a nourishing and hydrating substance with an ultra-gently effect. It removes impurities perfectly without tightening skin.
  • Codex Labs Bia Cleansing Oil is a wash product that removes pollutants, softening skin and preserving its moisture barrier.
  • Codex Labs Antu refreshing Gel Cleanser is a good face wash for dry skin that cleanses gently due to the proprietary M3 formula, keeping moisture in cells.
  • Indeed Labs Watermelon Melting Balm acts gently and removes all sorts of impurities effectively. The product nourishes and protects skin from environmental influences.
Best Facial Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

Best Facial Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by the excessive response to common endo- and exogenous factors (physical, chemical, hormonal, etc.). It is prone to irritation, redness, peeling, and rashes.

Best Facial Cleansers for Acne

Best Facial Cleansers for Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease caused by excessive sebum production and blockage of the sebaceous glands. As a result of the accumulation of secretion, blackheads appear.

  • PCA Skin Blemish Control Bar is the best facial cleanser for acne. Its content includes a high concentration of plant oils and 2% salicylic acid, which act effectively on blackheads by penetrating into the upper subcutaneous layers and removing acne-causing bacteria.
  • PCA Skin Facial Wash Oily/problem is the best face wash for acne in the UK. It cleanses congested pores effectively due to the action of lactic acid and gluconolactone.
  • Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser is an effective acne face wash that removes impurities and prevents acne-bacteria growth due to fruit enzymes.
  • Dermaceutic Foamer 5 is the best acne face wash that exfoliates gently due to 5% glycolic acid without skin irritation.
Best Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin

Best Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, rough texture, unhealthy color and shine. It requires proper care (cleansing, masks, peels, and mesotherapy) and a proper selection of care products.

  • MZ Skin Cleanse and Clarify is the best facial cleanser for oily skin. Acting as a cleanser and a mask 2-in-1, the product refines pores, improves skin texture, and brightens its tone.
  • Dermaceutic Foamer 5 is a foaming cleanser with a calming effect. It is perfect for removing dead cells and preparing skin for further treatment.
  • Osmosis Deep Clean Detox Cleanser is a deep-care product that removes impurities. Coconut and citrus essential oils work together to provide a nourishing effect and brighten the skin tone.
  • PCA Skin Facial Wash Oily/problem is an effective face wash for oily skin since it removes extra oil and prevents cells from blockage of pores.
Best Facial Cleansers for All Skin Types

Best Facial Cleansers for All Skin Types

The following care products are versatile and can be used for all skin types.

  • Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser is the best face wash, regardless of your skin type. Due to its composition, the product provides optimal care for skin, nourishing it and removing pollutants.
  • Evenswiss Edelweiss Cleanser is an effective product for all ages. It removes waterproof makeup and natural impurities, providing deep care to cells.
  • Codex Labs Antu Refreshing Gel Cleanser acts gently due to its jelly substance. It freshens up skin tone, preserves the moisture barrier, and cleanses cells deeply.
Best Facial Vegan Cleansers

Best Facial Vegan Cleansers

These products are considered the most ethical since it does not contain components of animal origin (honey, beeswax, animal fats, lanolin, carmine, etc). Ideally, these products are not tested on animals.

Healthy-looking skin and face aging depend on the right skin care technique. Choose products based on your skin type to cleanse your skin properly and eliminate weaknesses.

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