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The Skincare Routine Order You Should Stick To

August 23, 2022

Have you got lots of great skincare but aren't sure on the order you should be applying it? Fear not we have you covered!

Author: Maria Grabar

Reading time: 6 minutes

Boost your confidence and improve the quality of your skin by ensuring you have your skincare routine in order. Today we’ll share the ideal skincare routine order so you can ensure your favourite skincare products are working their best!

What Is a Healthy Face Routine?

A healthy skincare routine is a specific sequence of steps that keeps your skin clean and glowing. Following a skincare routine at home doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most up-to-date expensive lotions and creams. What it means is using the products that work best on your skin by improving the complexion and emphasising the benefits.

To do that, it is essential to listen to your body and understand your skin type, so you can meet your skin’s requirements and go through the not always easy process of learning how to care for your skin. Today we will try to uncover the mystery and give you tips from leading dermatologists that will help you plan the most efficient skincare routine order.

Skincare Routine Order

What Should My Skincare Routine Be?

One of the main rules of a successful healthy skincare routine is consistency. Avoid days when you decide not to remove makeup before going to bed. It’s also essential to apply sunscreen in the morning and during the day.

As in many other areas, practice makes perfect, so consistently following a skincare routine order will help you keep the skin glowing and youthful. The exact skincare routine order recommended by dermatologists is described below!

What Are the 4 Steps to Skincare?

There are 4 basic skincare routine steps: cleansing, nourishing, moisturising, and protecting from sun damage. Let’s look at each one separately!

1. Cleansing

The first step in the perfect skincare routine order is cleansing. This easy and self-explanatory step is aimed at removing dirt, sebum and sweat from your skin which may clog pores causing whiteheads and blemishes to appear. Alkaline soaps and synthetic detergents can damage the skin and may also prevent other products from being absorbed by the skin effectively.

To choose the right facial cleanser, it is essential to know your skin type. For instance, sensitive skin requires a cleanser that is free from fragrances, preservatives, and additives. To avoid allergies, it is recommended to choose products with no synthetic ingredients turning the choice towards simple and short compositions. The simpler - the better. The Gentle Cleanser from Osmosis Beauty is ideal for sensitive skin.

If you have dry skin, dermatologists tend to recommend cleansers with a low percentage of alcohol. Additionally, cleansers with a creamy structure are preferred for people with dry skin as they tend to be more hydrating hitting right on target for this specific skin type.  A great example is the PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser.

For people with oily skin, cosmetologists recommend using cleansers with low pH levels and a foamy structure, such as the Dermaceutic Foamer 5, as a part of their basic skincare routine. Foaming particles dig deeper into your pores helping to remove excess oil, sebum, and dirt.

2. Serums

The next step in an ideal skincare routine order is serums! It is essential to nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals to enhance your natural glow and strengthen your skin. This step can also be used to fight local inflammation and individual imperfections.

There are many serums for different purposes that can be integrated into your skincare routine.

For instance, The Brilliant Prime Radiance Serum by Noble Panacea offers powerful protection against free radicals enhancing the effects of SPF and offering incredible anti-aging benefits. This serum is great for skin rejuvenation and preventing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

To smoothen the skin, increase the skin’s radiance and reduce hyperpigmentation, you may consider trying The Absolute Intense Renewal Serum. This serum will improve your skincare routine at home by enriching the skin with niacinamide. Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin famous for its proven ability to repair the skin.

Skincare Routine Order

3. Moisturising

Moisturisation is the third step in the ideal skincare routine order and is an essential steps in any skincare routine. There are 3 attributes that are normally delivered by an effective moisturiser. These are:

  • softening and smoothing the skin
  • increasing skin hydration
  • improving the appearance of skin

Products such as The Absolute Active Replenishing Moisturizer stop water loss from the skin’s surface by placing a water impermeable film to prevent evaporation.

Substances present in moisturisers helps to attract water to increase hydration and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

4. SPF

Last, but not least, in the ideal skincare routine order is sunscreen that protects against the skin-damaging effects of UV radiation using chemical or physical ingredients. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is associated with 80-90% of skin cancers, sunburns and photoaging.

The use of sunscreen has been shown to reduce the incidence of melanoma, so using SPF can be seen as a valuable skincare routine step.

One of the many important reasons to use SPF-containing products is that it helps maintain an even skin tone. Exposure to the sun increases melanin production which may result in darkened spots and hyperpigmentation areas being more prominently expressed on the skin. The sunscreen protects the skin from discolouration and helps you maintain a more even complexion. The most effective sunscreen brand on the market is Heliocare 360.

How Do I Start a Skincare Routine?

To start an effective skincare routine at home, professionals recommend first determining your skin type. This will make life easier for you because the choice of product will be limited to certain textures, ingredients, and brands.

Another important piece of advice is to read reviews on different products and watch videos where people share their experiences, including “before” and “after” photos. If you need any help determining your skin, or finding which products are best for you, give Dermoi a call on 020 3963 9930 for a free 15-minute skin consultation.

Skin Routine Order Steps

Is a Toner Necessary?

No, toners are not necessarily essential. Previously, toners were invented to balance the pH of the skin after using a cleanser.

pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in a specific environment, and it is crucial to maintain the pH of skin within specific boundaries to protect the surface from external aggressors and bacteria.

Fortunately, the production of pH-balanced cleansers allows us to reduce the number of steps into our skincare routines making it less expensive.

What Should I Apply on My Face at Night?

Normally, the skincare routine doesn’t differ hugely in the morning and night. Of course, it is unnecessary to apply sunscreen before going to bed, but you can feel free to use the same moisturiser or serum when you wake up and go to sleep.

However, one ingredient which must only be applied at night, not the morning, is retinol. Retinol makes the skin highly sensitive to UV rays so should be avoided in the day.

Retinol increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen production which helps to brighten and refine the skin.

To sum up, the main stages that should be included in your daily skincare routine order are cleansing, nourishing (with a serum), moisturising, and protecting the skin from sun rays. Of course, individual characteristics play an important role in the effectiveness of your skincare routine. But through trial and error, you will find what works best for you!


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