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Discover Your Dream Skincare Routine With Osmosis MD Skincare

September 15, 2022

Osmosis MD Skincare has taken the skincare industry by storm, and with good reason - find out why...

Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

With many people opting for medical grade and evidence-based skincare, Osmosis MD Skincare has taken the skincare industry by storm, and with good reason. Sometimes, a reliable results-driven formula is what you need to hit the reset button for your skin.

Osmosis MD skincare is a holistic, clinically approved skincare brand that focuses on utilising simple yet effective formulas in rejuvenating the skin. The Osmosis MD skincare line was designed to heal and soothe aggravated skin. It is also an anti-aging skincare range that imparts general skin health benefits.

The brand philosophy focuses on curating a universal skincare experience that promotes healthy skin, with Osmosis products being able to sustain long term results. Though their focus is to shift away from harsh, complicated formulas that may disrupt your skin’s barrier, you need not expect anything less from Osmosis MD Skincare. They have created patented, innovative skincare and wellness technology to deliver groundbreaking skincare.

To determine if Osmosis MD Skincare really lives up to its claims and brand philosophy, we will take a look at the skincare brand in detail which may potentially unveil your dream skincare routine.

Who Owns Osmosis Skincare?

The man behind the magic is Dr. Ben Johnson, a cosmetic physician who is the founder and formulator for Osmosis MD Skincare. He started his career in 1997, whereby he was already one of the few people who pioneered the skincare industry taking a medicinal approach - focusing on delivering medical grade skincare products with a natural, non-complicated ingredients list.

His first account in delivering this approach to skincare manifested in the form of Cosmedix - his first skincare line. Dr. Johnson has since developed Osmosis Beauty that aims to steer skincare away from excessive exfoliation and complicated ingredient lists.

Instead, he focuses on improving the skin barrier by focusing on hydration, barrier repair and detoxification. Some notable products from his line are the Osmosis Quench for hydration, Osmosis Clarify for skin clarification ,as well as Osmosis Catalyst which helps amplify your skin’s good qualities with Vitamin C.

Dr. Johnson’s considerations for all sorts of skin conditions propelled his skincare range to focus on maximising skin health and anti-aging, which will improve the condition of your skin and skin issues.

Is Osmosis MD Medical Grade?

Osmosis MD Skincare is a medical grade professional skincare brand. The brand’s team of doctors and medical experts constantly review products, promising to deliver nothing less than medical grade to their users. The Osmosis StemFactor and the Osmosis Renew are examples of their evidence-based, innovative medical grade skincare.

Up to date, the MD collection is their most potent skincare that is only available through a licensed Osmosis Professional. You can purchase their professional-strength formulas at an Osmosis Beauty professional partner, including here at Dermoi.

Where Is Osmosis Skincare Located?

Osmosis MD Skincare’s headquarters is in America and is largely based in the US, but Dermoi is a great place for you to stock up on your Osmosis UK needs. Dermoi is an official UK stockist for Osmosis Skincare. Dermoi only approves results-driven skincare that are of quality formulations.

For instance, the Osmosis Rescue Repair Serum and Osmosis Catalyst are top tier formulas which focus on repairing the skin’s barrier whilst restoring skin health.

Osmosis MD Skincare

Is Osmosis Good for Acne?

Though they do not have specific lines, Osmosis’ skin health based approached is good for various skin concerns. By maximising skin health, they plan to diminish skin issues and keep them at bay.

Osmosis Skincare offers an array of benefits, namely anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and spot treatments. There are some keywords in determining what skin concern the product is for.

The Osmosis Quench focuses on delivering unequivocal hydration to your skin, replenishing it of moisture. Your skin needs moisture to heal, therefore it is a good place to start to tackle your acne.

Another one of our top picks are the Osmosis Clarify and the Osmosis Catalyst. They are both good choices in targeting acne. The Osmosis Clarify is a retinal serum to diminish the appearances of blemishes and calm inflammation, whilst Osmosis Catalyst focuses on brightening and rejuvenating the skin with Vitamin C.

For an added anti-aging benefit, we’d recommend the Osmosis Renew Retinal Serum. It is an advanced retinal serum that encourages cell turnover, thus pushing dead skin cells to the surface of the skin yielding regenerated, youthful skin.

Is Osmosis MD Cruelty Free?

Yes, the brand is cruelty free. They do not test on animals or endorse such practices.

Osmosis MD Skincare Rescue Serum

How Do You Use Osmosis Serums?

The Osmosis MD Skincare serums pack a punch and they are certainly a great addition to add to your routine. The Osmosis Repair Serum helps rescue a damaged skin barrier and help to calm the skin down.

Should you be exploring anti-aging skincare, the Osmosis Renew Retinal Serum is definitely worth trying out as well. It promotes healing of skin blemishes, while helping to keep your acne at bay. Try pairing it with the Osmosis StemFactor which is loaded with growth factors and peptides for and extra boost of anti-aging benefits.

You may apply serums after your toner and before moisturiser daily. For beginners trying the Osmosis Renew Serum, use it once or twice a week and slowly build your tolerance.

What Are Dermoi’s Favourite Osmosis MD Skincare Products?

It is clear that Osmosis MD Skincare products are phenomenal. Not only are they an anti-aging skincare, but by maximising the skin’s health you are bound to find your skin’s condition improving drastically.

Dermoi’s top picks from Osmosis UK are definitely the Osmosis Rescue Repair Serum and the Osmosis StemFactor

These products are the epitome of Osmosis Skincare - innovative, clinically approved skincare that focuses on restoring skin health and regeneration. You would definitely benefit by adding these products into your skincare routine.


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