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Introducing The Revolutionary Evenswiss UK Range

September 08, 2022

Introducing the Swiss skincare pioneers Evenswiss! Find out all you need to know about the science behind the brand and why you need to try it today.

Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

With over 30 years of scientific research, Evenswiss is a well-established Swiss skincare brand that has recently garnered its rightfully deserved hype and attention. You may have also heard of Evenswiss with dermatopoietin technology, which is a key ingredient that drives the brand’s formulations.

Since Evenswiss has paved its way into the UK market, we will be breaking down Evenswiss UK, whether it’s worth the hype and the driving force behind the brand’s formulations, dermatopoietin!

What Is Evenswiss UK?

Evenswiss is a Swiss anti-aging brand that believes in research-backed cosmeceutical formulations. With products ranging from serums to creams and masks, Evenswiss skincare combines innovative concepts of peptide biochemistry, dermatological science and skincare intelligence to produce sophisticated formulations.

Amongst these sophisticated Evenswiss UK skincare formulations lies a key technology: dermatopoietin. This cutting-edge technology was developed by a pioneering scientist who specializes in cellular communication, whose hypothesis suggests that regular topical product absorption is quite ineffective in treating the skin.

Instead, he offered an alternative perspective: what if skin issues could be treated from within? The idea of triggering our skin cells to relay signals to manufacture collagen and elastin from within manifested into a reality in the form of Evenswiss with dermatopoietin.

Where Is Evenswiss From?

The Evenswiss skincare labs are based in Switzerland and as the name implies, it is a swiss brand. They have over 30 years of research and refinement which eventually led to the creation of dermatopoietin. From Evenswiss Sumblime Revealing Mask to the Evenswiss Regenerating Plasma, the skincare pioneers have plenty of innovative formulations and products to choose from.

Image of swiss alps representing Evenswiss UK

What Is Dermatopoietin?

Dermatopoietin is the name of a peptide complex, or simply put a mixture of proteins that are the key ingredient in Evenswiss UK skincare. Though the name dermatopoietin may seem complicated, in layman terms “dermato” means skin while “poietin” means “maker”, which is exactly its intended function.

The peptide complex consists of 2 peptides that initiate cell communication to message one another to produce elastin and collagen, hence the name ‘skin maker’. You can reap the dermatopoietin benefits of Evenswiss skincare via the Evenswiss Eventone Serum, which packs a punch of anti-aging benefits.

How Does Dermatopoietin Work?

Evenswiss proudly boasts dermatopoietin, but what exactly lies behind the fancy name?

Collagen is a protein that maintains the structural integrity of the skin. As part of the aging process, we eventually lose collagen, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity, sagging and a general thinning of the epidermis layer (the outmost layer of the skin).

Therefore, dermatopoietin’s function is to encourage elastin and collagen production, increasing cell turnover rate.

The main peptide that constitutes dermatopoietin is interleukin-1 alpha IL1a, which is a biochemical messenger that signals for skin regeneration and restoration of the skin’s barrier.

This protein serves anti-aging purposes, however advancing age results in the decline of IL1a production. Evenswiss with dermatopoietin boosts IL1a production to increase collagen and elastin production for younger looking, healthy skin and hair. The second peptide, which is much smaller compared to IL1a merely acts as a controller to decide when to activate the signaling process.

Although dermatopoietin is a large molecule to penetrate the skin, its purpose is to trigger the cascade enzymatic reaction internally for collagen production. We recommend one of the best sellers - the Eventone Serum paired with the Sublime Revealing Mask for the ultimate skin pamper duo.

Is Evenswiss Anti-Aging Skincare?

As aforementioned, as we age, the gradual loss of elastin and collagen follows. This results in thinner, sagging skin and makes skin more susceptible to all sorts of damage, notably UV damage.

With dermatopoietin proudly boasting its collagen-production-inducing abilities, it does fit under the anti-aging skincare category. Examples of Evenswiss with dermatopoietin products that are great for mature or sensitive skin would be the Evenswiss Regenerating Plasma and the Evenswiss Rich Regenerating Cream. These products are suitable to be used on mature or compromised skin, which activates the skin’s self-regenerative capacity; yielding plump, rejuvenated skin.

In a clinical trial carried by Elskin Laboratories, dermatopoietin has been shown to have superior collagen-producing abilities when compared to another well-known anti-aging ingredient, tretinoin.

The Evenswiss with dermatopoietin skincare range puts its anti-aging skincare technology to good use.

Evenswiss UK product range

What Is The Best Evenswiss Serum?

If you intend on adding some products from the Evenswiss UK line to your routine, their serums are definitely powerhouses that will deliver noticeable effects to your routine.

A great Evenswiss UK serum to consider is the Evenswiss Eventone Serum. It helps to minimize pigmentation through its use of liquorice root as a key ingredient. This works due to its tyrosinase inhibiting abilities, which is an enzyme responsible for production of melanin. Melanin is the culprit that causes dark spots.

So if you are struggling with pigmentation issues or are simply looking to even your skin tone, Eventone Serum would be a great choice.

Other Notable Evenswiss UK Product Mentions

The Evenswiss UK range has an array of products that are definitely worth trying, but one of their best sellers is the Evenswiss Balancing Complex. The Balancing Complex is a good option if you are looking for a product to improve your overall skin health, not just specifically target one concern.

It not only has anti-aging purposes, but it also reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier as well as improves moisture retention.

The Sublime Revealing Mask is another great product from the Evenswiss UK range which not only improves skin firmness and elasticity, but increases hydration whilst rejuvenating and improving skin texture.

Who Stocks Evenswiss UK?

Dermoi are proud to announce that we were the first official Evenswiss UK retailer. Since they have only just entered the UK market, purchasing options are slightly limited. But as the Evenswiss UK market continues to grow and garner attention, we definitely expect it to reach mainstream retailers as well.

However, shopping at Dermoi would be a great place to satisfy your Evenswiss skincare needs. We provide free delivery and delivery within 2 working days. Not to mention, Dermoi only approves effective, results-based skincare, therefore you need not have to expect any less quality than you deserve!


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