Is Indeed Labs Nanoblur Worth the Hype?

October 04, 2022

Indeed Labs Nanoblur has blown up on TikTok and taken the makeup world by storm. Find out if it really is the best makeup primer!

Author: Lim Li Yen

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Originating from Canada, Indeed Labs has taken the beauty world by storm with their innovative and state of the art skincare products. Recently, Indeed Labs Nanoblur has garnered massive success, with many makeup artists attesting to its fantastic priming abilities. The makeup primer first gained mainstream popularity through TikTok with a wave of creators boasting its pore reducing abilities. In an interview with Huda Beauty, Euphoria’s head makeup artist has revealed that she uses Indeed Labs Nanoblur as a base canvas to deliver that flawless, camera ready makeup look on set.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur

What Is a Makeup Primer?

The key for a flawless makeup look is heavily dependent on the base. Similar to a canvas, it is crucial to establish a smooth base prior to layering any sort of makeup products on. That is where the role of a primer steps in - it is usually in a cream or balm like form that you apply on your face before the rest of the steps. The cream would settle in the nooks and crannies in your face in order to yield a smooth base.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur serves exactly this purpose. Its pore-blurring abilities seem to be one of the best on the market so far, according to Nanoblur reviews. Today, we will take a look at Indeed Labs Nanoblur, its uses and effects to see if it is really worth your buck.

What Is Indeed Labs Nanoblur?

Indeed Labs Nanoblur is a skin-blurring primer. It serves as a base to go underneath your makeup for optimal makeup looks. The Nanoblur cream blurs out your imperfections, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to create an even looking complexion. Indeed Labs UK has formulated it with a key ingredient dubbed the Nano-Optic Prism Complex. This basically allows the primer to create a soft focus look. The formulation consists of a nano-prism structure that has remarkable optical properties in its ability to draw and reflect light.

Since skin texture is usually exaggerated by the contours and light drawn on the face, the Nanoblur cream serves to fill in the gaps between wrinkles and fine lines while reflecting light off your face. This gives an overall smooth base to work on. This, paired alongside its intensified blurring properties from the concentrated elastomer content in the formulation leverages skin texture ready for makeup application.

Nanoblur cream is especially great for bold makeup looks with vibrant colors. In order for pigmentation to show, a flawless base is crucial. This Nanoblur UK primer would ideally go over your lids to even out the creases in your eyelids, delivering an extra pop in your eyeshadow that you may not have been able to achieve. Hence, it is definitely worth investing in Indeed Labs UK products.

How Do You Use Nanoblur Cream?

You should start with a clean face, since excess oil and sebum would disrupt the application of the Nanoblur cream. Any excess oil or dirt would reduce adhesion of the primer to the face, so make sure you start with a clean, bare face.

Then, gently dab a pea-sized amount of Nanoblur on your face, focusing on the center of your face then working your way out. Areas on the face that are prone to oiliness and have visible pores should be where you apply most of this product, followed by the less oily zones such as the U zone of your face. Application with your fingers would be ideal, as the gentle heat from your fingers helps warm up the product to allow good adhesion to the skin. We would also recommend following up with a makeup sponge and gently patting across the face to ensure even Nanoblur application.

Here is a pro tip: contrary to popular belief, oily does not equal hydrated. Hence, after cleansing you could follow up with a lightweight moisturiser prior to using the Indeed labs Nanoblur primer. While excess oiliness should be eliminated with the cleansing step, you should moisturise your skin so that the Indeed Labs Nanoblur primer application would be even. If skin is excessively dry, the primer would settle into all the dry areas and fine lines and thus you may need to use more product that required.

Up to here, your Nanoblur base is ready for the next step of your makeup routine.

Can I Use Indeed Labs Nanoblur Under Makeup?

When creating this product, Indeed Labs intended it to be a blemish-reducing primer. It should be used before any makeup for optimal results. The purpose of Nanoblur is to pave a smooth base for flawless skin complexion. If you use it over your makeup, you would risk ruining and smothering your makeup.

Can You Use Indeed Labs Nanoblur As A Primer?

Sometimes when you apply foundation on a dry, bare face, it exaggerates your pores and flakey skin. Primer makeup helps prepare your skin in creating an ideal canvas to hold the makeup. The Nanoblur cream instantly blurs and filters skin to provide high-definition-ready skin. Nanoblur reviews have attested to its priming abilities, so much so that even the head makeup artist of Euphoria used it on the set of Euphoria for their vibrant makeup looks to deliver an extra pop of color.

Indeed Labs

What Are The Ingredients In Indeed Labs Nanoblur?

The key ingredient of the formulation is the Nano-Optic Prism Complex. This unique ingredient has light-diffusing and optical-blurring technology. It draws light so that light can bounce off your face, yielding a healthy, youthful glow. Other than that, it is also formulated with water and glycerine which would deliver a hydrating boost to soothe your skin.

Is Indeed Labs Nanoblur Cruelty Free?

Indeed Labs is a cruelty free brand that does not perform animal testing nor do they pay others to perform testing on animals. All products, including Indeed Labs Nanoblur, are cruelty and fragrance free, responsibly sourced and created with science-backed formulas. This diversifies their audience appealing to a wide range of customers, including those that may have sensitivity issues to fragrance.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur Awards Indeed Labs has obtained 50 awards and counting, which tallies with the positive Nanoblur reviews. It has won the 2014 awards by as well as The One-Minute Miracle Award by The Kit Beauty & Fashion.


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