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Noble Panacea Review: All Your Questions Answered

September 20, 2022

Here's our in-depth Noble Panacea review. Find out all you need to know about the skincare pioneers!

Author: Lim Li Yen

Reading time: 5 minutes

Noble Panacea is a luxury skincare brand curated by Nobel Prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart. It encourages ‘thinking beautifully’ amongst its users, sharing innovations and breakthroughs in cosmetic science in order to deliver evidence-packed skincare. Each Noble Panacea review speaks for itself!

Noble Panacea are a cruelty free, gluten free, fragrance free brand who place emphasis on their ingredient’s list to deliver sophisticated formulas.

We will delve into this high end skincare brand, and its backstory, to provide you with a comprehensive Noble Panacea review.

What Is Noble Panacea?

Noble Panacea is a luxury skincare brand focusing on utilizing aspects of chemistry and biotechnology to deliver top-notch skincare to a universal audience.

Sir Fraser Stoddart’s patented Organic Molecular Vessel Technology is the driving force and the major technological advancement that has been amplifying Noble Panacea products’ efficacy and their healing properties.

They are currently available in three collections, all of which the Noble Panacea reviews have showed positive feedback for: The Brilliant, The Absolute and The Exceptional. Each range is formulated with powerful ingredients featuring the brand’s unique Organic Super Molecular Vessel Technology.

The aim is to deliver transformational anti-aging efficacy via their products. The Brilliant range is to prevent, preserve and protect. The Absolute range aims to restore and regenerate. Finally, the Exceptional range, which is a newer range, is a collection of specialized, targeted skincare.

Who Owns Noble Panacea?

Noble Panacea was founded by Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist, Sir Fraser Stoddart who is Chairman of the Board. His unique approach to skincare with his chemistry background fuels the formulation of all of his products. They are sophisticated formulas backed up with research from Noble Panacea’s laboratories to guarantee you great results. Currently, Céline Talabaza is the CEO of the luxury skincare brand.

Noble Panacea Review

When Was Noble Panacea Founded?

Noble Panacea’s innovative and holistic approach to skincare was founded by Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist, Sir Fraser Stoddart in 2013. The company then announced its global launch on October 24th 2019 and took the skincare world by storm.

Is Noble Panancea Cruelty Free?

The brand is cruelty free and its an integral part of the Noble Panacea brand philosophy.

They also have a partnership with TerraCycle, in which their packaging is recyclable as part of the Global Active Daily Dose Recycling Program. Noble Panacea reviews have consisted of praise and credited the company for adhering to their name and company policy of delivering moral excellence.


In layman terms, OSMV Technology is a delivery system for delivering the active ingredients ensuring their full penetration into the skin. When browsing each Noble Panacea review, the groundbreaking technology is often attested with nothing but praise.

The OSMV Technology is patented by Noble Panacea, in other words this means it is trademarked by Noble Panacea. The OSMV technology comprises of a superstructure called Cyclodextrins, which are known for their molecular encapsulation properties.

Simply put, Noble Panacea has recognized its molecular encapsulation abilities to serve an even greater purpose. If it could be used to load other molecules, an array of benefits would be obtained. These Noble Panacea benefits include precise release and enhanced delivery of active ingredients. Think of OSMV technology as a vehicle to transport the active ingredients to your skin.

The OSMV is an octagonal ‘cage’ made from carbohydrates and fatty acids that are 10,000 smaller than a skin cell. Because it is very small molecular size, it is able to penetrate deep within the skin to deliver the active ingredients. OSMV is almost like a vessel that traps each ingredient within its own tiny cage.

It also promotes a time-released delivery at optimal concentrations, which increases active ingredient efficacy. This would explain the exceptional skin benefits reaped from Noble Panacea before and after use.

Noble Panacea Review

Noble Pancea Review: What Are The Public Saying?

Upon first impression, one may be a bit shocked to discover the Noble Panacea UK packaging differing from your usual stash of skincare. Each products come in small sachets containing daily allocated amounts to apply.

The brand claims that this pre-portioned, non-re-seable sachets are important to avoid cross contamination. It also preserves the active ingredients’ formulation to deliver skincare formulations that are true to their quality.

Noble Panacea reviews suggest that the brand is well worth your buck. Overall reviewers have suggested your skin will benefit from the brands top tier formulations. This is solidified in Noble Panacea before and after images.

What Are The Best Noble Panacea Products?

Amongst the range of products that Noble Panacea UK have, they have three lines to choose from: The Brilliant, The Absolute and The Exceptional. The Intense Renewal Serum from The Absolute line is a high-active concentrate at the pinnacle of power for cellular regeneration. Besides the OSMV technology, it is also designed to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process.

Another one of our top picks would be The Brilliant Prime Radiance Serum. Noble Panacea reviews suggest that this high performance concentrate helps clarify, brighten and protect your skin for a luminous glow. It offers protection against free radicals and environmental aggressors.

Noble Panancea Review: Why It's Dermoi

At Dermoi, all products are handpicked from our scientists and we only offer results-driven skincare. With Noble Panacea UK being a brand established by the Nobel Prize winning scientist himself, its innovative sophisticated blend of formulas alongside its groundbreaking OSMV Technology certainly makes it Dermoi approved.

Noble Panacea reviews globally also testify that its OSMV delivery system is certainly a game changer in reimagining delivery vessels in skincare. The biggest advantage of the OSMV vessel is its ability to be tailored, releasing active ingredients at times where the skin requires it instead of dumping it all on one go.

This innovative way of skincare certainly reinvents the generic delivery of skincare and paves the way for more advanced, targeted delivery systems in the future. To summary the Dermoi Noble Panacea review is overwhelmingly positive!


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