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Collagen Skinade Drink 60 Day Course

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Skinade Drink is a multi-award-winning Collagen anti-aging supplement, rejuvenates skin in 30 days. Experience visible improvements in skin appearance: enhanced hydration, reduced fine lines, increased elasticity, and a radiant complexion.

60 x 150ml bottles (2 month supply)


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skinade drink 60 day course


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Skinade Drink: Collagen Drink Once a Day for Ageless Skin

Skinade Collagen Drink is a revolutionary anti-ageing solution that transforms your skin from within, delivering visible improvements in just 30 days. With its unique blend of active ingredients, Skinade Drink boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production, promoting youthful, radiant skin.

Developed by UK scientists, Skinade Drink contains high-grade collagen from freshwater fish and is free from artificial additives.

By working internally, Skinade Drinks increase skin hydration, smoothness, and suppleness, while reducing fine lines and preventing deep wrinkles.

Skinade Collagen Drink users experience a progression of results over time:

Within 4 to 6 days - skin feels softer and more hydrated.
Between 10 to 14 days - skin becomes visibly smoother, more uniform, radiant, and glowing.
In 2 to 4 weeks - skin appears firmer and fuller, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.
Continued daily use enhances results over the 4 to 6-week skin renewal cycle, with individual variations in improvement.

Dermoi scientists selected Skinade drinks for its exceptional ability to enhance skin hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore radiance, and improve various skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. With rapid, long-lasting results, Skinade's high absorption rate and benefits for hair and nails make it a standout choice in skincare.

For inquiries about Skinade 60 days, please reach out to Dermoi's Skin Scientists at [email protected] or call (0)20 3963 9930 between 11am and 4pm Monday-Friday. Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance tailored to your skincare needs.

Skinade, the renowned creator of collagen drinks, offers a flavorful solution for anti-aging. Formulated with top-quality marine collagen and amino acids, it enhances skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Developed by UK scientists, its unique peptide formula stimulates natural collagen production, yielding visible results in just 30 days. With accolades and clinical trials confirming effectiveness, Skinade drinks extend benefits to hair and nails, making it a comprehensive beauty regimen.

Explore Skinade's diverse range, including targeted solutions for cellulite, skin defense, and acne, available at authorized retailers like Dermoi! - a trusted hub for scientifically verified skincare products.




Skinade Drink is a convenient and refreshing way to incorporate collagen into your daily routine. Simply drink one bottle a day, at any time that suits you. The collagen drink is already pre-mixed, so there's no need to make any adjustments.

Avoid taking Skinade drinks within 90 minute before or after coffee consumption as this may alter absorption.

How do Skinade collagen reviews before and after usage reflect the effectiveness of the product?

Skinade collagen reviews before and after showcase noticeable improvements in skin elasticity, hydration, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Users often report enhanced radiance and a more youthful complexion, validating the efficacy of Skinade drinks.

What makes the Skinade drinks 60 days regimen stand out among other collagen supplements?

The Skinade drink 60 days regimen is distinguished by its comprehensive approach to skin health. With a blend of skin aid collagen and other active ingredients, it targets internal nourishment, resulting in visible improvements in skin texture and appearance.

Regular consumption of Skinade drinks offers long-lasting benefits for a radiant complexion.


Collagen Peptides, 7000mg: These peptides, consisting of amino acids such as Glycine, Glutamine, Proline, and Hydroxyproline, have a low molecular weight that allows for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), 1g: MSM has several benefits for the skin, including improving hydration, texture, and elasticity.

Organic Flax seed oil (Linum Usitatissium), 45mg: Have anti-inflammatory properties and help strengthen the skin barrier, preventing water loss and treating dryness and sensitivity.

Vitamin B Complex:  Acts as antioxidants, protecting the skin from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.

Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate), 180mg: Water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in stimulating the replication of fibroblasts in the skin.

L-Lysine, 124mg: Skinade: Essential amino acid that plays a vital role in maintaining the health and integrity of the skin.

Nutritional values: Each bottle/sachet (150ml/15ml) contains

Per bottle/sachet %GDA
Energy 148 kJ / 35 kcal 1.8%
Protein 6.9 g/td> 15.3%
Carbo-hydrate 1.9 g/td> 0.8%
Sugar 1.5 g/td> 1.6%
Fat trace 0%
Saturate trace 0%
Fibre 0 g 0%
Sodium 35 mg 1.5%
* Percentages of guideline daily allowance (for women)

Per bottle/sachet RDA %RDA
Thiamine (vitamin B1) 4 mg 1 mg 400
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 6 mg 1.3 mg 460
Niacinamide (vitamin B3) 17 mg 17 mg 100
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 21 mg * *
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) 4 mg 1.4mg 286
Biotin (vitamin B7) 200 ?g 200 ?g 100
Folate (vitamin B9) 200 ?g 200 ?g 100
Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) 10 ?g 1.5 ?g 667
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 180 mg 40 mg 450
Hydrolysed marine collagen 7000 mg * *
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 1000 mg * *
L-lysine 124 mg * *
Flaxseed oil 45 mg * *
Flaxseed oil typically provides
Alpha linolenic acid
(omega 3 fatty acids) 26 mg * *
Linoleic acid
(omega 6 fatty acids) 7 mg * *
* = No established RDA


Water, Hydrolysed marine collagen, concentrated grape juice, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), citric acid, natural flavourings, calcium ascorbate, Vitamin B complex (B3 (nicotinamide), B5 (calcium pantothenate), B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), B1 (thiamine hydrochloride), B2 (riboflavin), B7 (L-biotin), B9 (folate as L-5 methyletetrahydrofolate), B12 (methylcobalamin), L-lysine, preservative: potassium sorbate, organic flax seed oil, sweetener: sucralose.

Suitable for pescatarians.

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  1. Skinade Collagen Drink gives very quick effect. Less than in 30 days I noticed the changes in my appearance. Less fine lines, more glowing young skin.

  2. I can say it’s effective against wrinkles. My skin is more even and firm. Great result just in 30 days.

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